“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

-Desmond Tutu

Our Mission

To provide hope for all by creating proper sustainable living, homeless shelters, and affordable living communities for all of humanity no matter what it takes.

-Jeremy Killian CEO / Ryan Donato CFO

Our Goal

hope Partners realizes that there is an extreme Worldwide shortage of both housing and affordable living for everyone. With our innovative container unit suites and unique design, our goal is to bring communities together and to give a window of hope to all.

Each of hope Sleep container unit suites contains four individual living suites and a locked, secured mechanical room. They are available for lease to return, lease to buy, and outright purchase.

hope Partners is qlpleased to announce the newest additions to our hope Sleep container suites.  Please meet hope Eat, hope Clean, and hope Wash.  These container suites will provide the perfect complement to your hope Sleep container suites.  Each of these containers will be either 20′ long or 40′ long, depending on the model, and each container suite will be an all-inclusive unit with its own power inlet, water inlet, and/or sewer outlet to accommodate the requirements for electricity, water, and sewer.  Each of these container suites will have a significant impact in reducing the amount of money that is spent on housing, feeding, cleaning, and overall sanitation for the unsheltered, disaster relief victims, and emergency housing, and is perfect for Government, corporate, and/or private use.  Our Eat, Clean, Wash, and Sleep container suites will also reduce the financial impact on the total cost of infrastructure, as the suites can be placed close enough to each other so that four (4) container suites can utilize one (1) power connection, one (1) water connection, and/or one (1) sewer connection.  In addition, each of hope’s container suites is ready to go within minutes of being deployed at the location and every container suite comes equipped with an exterior-mounted GPS tracker (which management will have access to at any time) so that you always know where your asset is at any given time, day or night.  

hope‘s goal is to be your premier partner in providing a low-cost, safe, energy-efficient, sturdy, and well-built solution that will help combat the issues of disaster relief, emergency housing, unsheltered individuals, and much more!

Lease / Option Hope

You can lease all four hope models for the same price and terms. Our Leasing Program comes with an upfront 2-year pre-paid option that can be extended for up to 3 additional 1-year terms for a total of 5 leased years and a fully-backed warranty for each leased term, not to exceed 5 years. With this option we are giving you the ability to return the hope container suite back to hope or the option to exercise this lease with a buyout of $1.00 USD and keep the container unit suite. Either option is great for our clients and offers flexibility, regardless if you are receiving an annual budget, need to have stable pricing for housing, or want to be able to have a fixed and guaranteed price. This lease and option is an attractive plan for your needs.

Purchase Hope

You can purchase all four hope models for the same price each. Our Purchase Program is set up as a single point transaction and purchase of a hope container unit suite. This option is for those that want a set guaranteed price and the flexibility to do as the wish with each container suite. This option is perfect for corporate housing, universities, seasonal businesses, resorts and for those that are looking for the perfect addition to their housing portfolio. Our hope Purchase Program comes with a 1-year limited warranty.