Hope Clean

About Hope Clean

hope Clean is an all-inclusive 40′ x 8′ bathroom container suite that is designed for restroom and shower use.  hope Clean has eight (8) single private restrooms that will contain a flush toilet, bathroom sink, wall-mounted mirror, wall-mounted grab bars around the toilet, and waterproof flooring and walls. It will also contain two (2) ADA-compliant bathrooms on each end that have a shower, toilet, sink, wall-mounted mirrors, wall-mounted grab bars around the toilet and the shower, along with waterproof flooring and walls. This container suite also has a locked mechanical closet that will house the components that will be accessed by the facility staff, such as the electrical panel, water heater, and fire suppression ball, as well as house dry paper goods, such as toilet paper and paper towels. The water supply can be connected through an external hose or hard-lined into an existing water line from the city or county. This container works exactly the same way as our other hope structures (hope Sleep, hope Eat, and hope Wash) with regard to power. Just a single power plug is required to run the lights and supply electricity to the water heater.

Hope Clean Includes:

Each 8′ x 40′ container unit will contain ten (10) total restroom known as suites (1 thru 10) and is comprised of the following:

  • Two (2) suites will contain a fully compliant ADA three (3) piece restroom set, housing one (1) dual flush toilet, one (1) shower stall and one (1) floating sink with faucet and are 7.25’ x 9.41′ (approximately 68.22sf each)
  • Eight (8) suites will contain one (1) dual flush toilet, and one (1) floating sink with faucet and are 3.375’ x 3.75’ (approximately 12.656sf each)
  • Each container will also feature a locked and secured utility room that is 2.10’ x 7.67’ (approximately 15.96sf). The utility room is fully illuminated and houses the main panel box, circuits, breakers, 30A RV plug, cord reel and Inlet, and the timers for all interior and exterior lighting along with the optional “Humless” all-in-one solar system 30A generator plug inlet, two (2) electric water heaters and one (1) 4″ main waste gate out for sewer connection In addition each restroom unit will house ADA grab bars, in-wall and locked automatic soap dispenser, paper towel holder with built-in waste receptacle, dual toilet paper holder, vanity mirror and in-wall cadet and/or base board heating

Each of the ten (10) suites will contain the following amenities:

  • One (1) ceiling mounted 2’ x 4’ LED light panel (up to 5,000 lumens),
  • One (1) motion controlled light switch and face plate (in white) to control interior ceiling mounted LED light panel with built in timer to control exhaust fan,
  • One (1) interior celling mounted exhaust fan with switch and rated at minimum 120 CFM,
  • Two (2) 20-Amp plug-ins,
    • Each unit will contain one (1) standard single gang plug-in located near front door entry and one (1) GFCI rated single gang plug-in near the floating sink for personal use,
  • One (1) smoke and carbon monoxide detector with 10-year lithium battery affixed on the ceiling,
  • One (1) fire extinguisher UL rated/5-bc (in red) with affixed wall-hanging strap that will be located next to the interior side of the front door,
  • One (1) AFO fire ball, fire suppression device and wall mounted housing cage, (expires five (5) years from installation and covers up to four hundred (400sf),
  • One (1) 36”x 80” ADA-compliant front door with built-in ventilation grate,
  • One (1) outdoor-rated ADA-compliant locking “in-use” deadbolt and handle set with lever,
  • One (1) ADA-compliant “Gender Neutral” plaque affixed to each front door with option for wheelchair services along with compliant written notice in brail,
  • One (1) 36” ADA-compliant steel ramp for wheelchair access that attaches directly to each front door suite,
  • Four (4) marine-grade steel outdoor porch lights (in black or white powder coat) that is not tied to a light switch; it will be tied to a dusk-till-dawn receptor that automatically comes on at dusk and shuts off at dawn.

In addition, each one (1) whole container will contain the following:

  • Painted exteriors in white or black, white doorway entry and all white interiors,
  • Two (2) black or white 3M (hope Partners) vinyl signs located on the side of each container and back of each container suite,
  • One (1) black or white 3M (powered by Humless) vinyl signs located on the back of each container suite,
  • One (1) anodized black plaques with Hope’s logo, affixed to the front side of the container suite,
  • One (1) anodized black plaques with “Maximum Occupancy 10”, one (1) per container suite to identify each suite’s maximum occupancy number located below the Hope logo, affixed to the front side of the container suite,
  • One (1) Manufacturer’s serial number and makers seal located outside of the dual man doors of the utility room on the right-hand door,
  • In-So-Fast panels to insulate each interior wall throughout, including ceiling and sub-floor,
  • White (FRP) paneling with (PVC) batts and trim to cover all interior walls and ceiling,
  • Commercial grade surface floor cover for all interior floors,
  • One (1) full sized locked and secured utility room (1) one 100-Amp 120/240v panel with two (2) circuits and disconnect to provide adequate power to the entire container suite, interior and exterior, one (1) 30-Amp inlet RV plug for direct power, one (1) 30-Amp 25’ RV power cord, one (1) Cord reel for 25’ RV 30-Amp power cord, direct cut out access for cord to be ran through panel keeping it safe and not able to be tampered with, one (1) Humless powered plug-in receptacle, one (1) generator powered plug-in receptacle with 30-Amp rated service
  • One (1) four-foot LED shop light that will affix to the interior utility room wall that is not tied to a light switch; it will be on an auto switch that is motion-activated when the doors to the utility room opens,
  • One (1) built in GPS, global position satellite tracking monitor with online login service and tracking capability,
  • One (1) optional Humless all-in-one solar system with up to eight (8) four-foot by eight-foot solar panels and proper mounting brackets,
  • Full twenty-four (24) month standard “Master Lease Agreement”, “Warranty Agreement” with an additional “Hope Lease Supplement Agreement” and up to thirty-six (36) additional months if leased for three (3) additional one (1) year terms, but not to exceed five (5) years or sixty (60) months of the Manufacturer’s Limited Liability Warranty and a $1.00 lease buyout upon full completion of the five (5) year lease term,
  • For each additional one (1) year lease extension granted and paid for will include an additional half (0.5) shipping credit good for up to two-hundred fifty (250) miles of travel from containers current GPS location,
  • Overland shipping service to drop off and pick up from anywhere in the contiguous 49 United States (excluding Hawaii). Worldwide shipping via land, air, and/or sea, based on Manufacturer’s suggested means of shipping (this option includes Hawaii).